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Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio
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post 19 August 1480
Caoursin, Guillaume, d. 1501
This work by Flemish Guillaume Caoursin (d.1501), Chancellor of the Order of St John, describes the siege of Rhodes of 1480. Caoursin gives a vivid, first-hand account of the siege, describing how the Ottomans under Sultan Mohamet II attacked and beseiged the island of Rhodes, home of the knights of St John. The siege which lasted from May to August 1480, ended in a hard-won victory for the knights.
18 ff. ; 120 x 14 cm
Turkey-History-Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918, Knights of Malta, Caoursin, Guillaume, d. 1501, Ratdolt, Erhard, 1447?-1527 or 8, Rhodes (Greece), Venice (Italy)
22349 ; (Inc. 10)
Malta Libraries
Erhardus Ratdolt
Cabinet 1 ; Shelf 1