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Genealogie deorum cum De montibus, silvis, fontibus etc.
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25 March 1497
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375
The Italian Renaissance author, poet and humanist Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) is best known for the Decameron. However, he wrote a number of other works, among them Genealogiae Deorum Gentilium, a mythography or encyclopaedic compilation of the complicated relationships of the Greek and Roman deities. This volume also includes a dictionary of geographical allusions in classical literature, entitled De montibus, silvis, fontibus, lacubus, fluminibus, stagnis seu paludibus, et de nominibus maris liber.
162 ff ; 32 x 21 cm
Renaissance-Italy, Italian literature, Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375, Bonelli, Manfredo, Venice (Italy)
46222 ; (Inc. 49)
Malta Libraries
Manfredus de Strevo (de Bonellis)
Cabinet 1 ; Shelf 3