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10 December 1496
Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464
Enea Silvio Piccolomini (1405 - 1464) took the name of Pius II when he was elected Pope in 1458. He is best known for his Commentarii Rerum Memorabilium, which is the only autobiography ever written by a reigning Pope. However, his Epistles are also an important source of historical information. The volumes, edited by the Milanese publishers Ambrosius Archintus and Ioannes Vinzalius, includes writings by Piccolomini during his tenure as imperial secretary to Frederick III as well as letters written after his episcopal ordination and following his election to the papacy.
188 ff. ; 28 x 19 cm
Catholic Church, Europe-History-15th century, Pius II, Pope, 1405-1464, Scinzenzeler, Ulrich, ca. 1450-1500?, Milan (Italy), Archinto, Ambrogio, Vinzalius, Ioannes
46912 ; (Inc. 58)
Malta Libraries
Uldericus Scinzenzeler
Cabinet 1 ; Shelf 3